Saturday, July 29, 2006

Affiliate Scrawl - Last Month

The latest Affiliate Scrawl on happenings in the affiliate marketing scene over the last month..

Do you have to have a different Web site for each affiliate relationship?
[Shawn Collins]

There was a time in the early days of affiliate marketing when some affiliate programs demanded exclusivity if you wanted to be in their affiliate program.

You had to exclude all other competing companies in their category if you wanted to run their banners. Over times, the affiliates realized the real estate on their site was a bargaining chip and they rejected the calls for exclusivity. In some cases, affiliates would accept the requirement on the condition that they were paid some extra points for the right to be exclusive.

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Tim Storm Honored with the Wayne Porter Affiliate Marketing Legend Award
Today at the Affiliate Summit, Tim Storm was honored with the Wayne Porter Affiliate Marketing Legend Award. This was the second time the award was given, and its purpose is to recognize individuals in affiliate marketing who have distinguished themselves as leaders and innovators. (FVNEWSWIRE Jul 11, 2006)

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Affiliate Marketing Conference Calls for Speakers for Jan' 07 in Las Vegas
[Berkeley Heights, NJ (PRWEB) August 1, 2006]

The Affiliate Summit Convention will be held January 21-23, 2007, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Affiliate Summit is presented by Shawn Collins and Missy Ward and provides the unique opportunity for affiliate marketing professionals to gather and learn from one another in a cooperative environment.

The goal of the Affiliate Summit is to create a learning environment and networking opportunity that facilitates the exchange of information about affiliate marketing issues

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Affiliate Marketing Intensive Enrolls 5,592 -- Reveals How to Make Money Online
[Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) August 1, 2006]

Affiliate Marketing Intensive (AMI), a free online marketing course, attracted over 5,500 new students within hours of being announced. Success Intensives’ producer, Harris Fellman, conducts expert interviews and contributes his own home business experiences in launching 12 Week Intensive and Codename Catalyst as real life Internet marketing case studies along the way. Catch the AMI buzz at

Commission Monster Australia's Leading Affiliate Network Announces High-Profile Industry Pioneer Shane Murray as CEO
[Sydney, Australia (PRWEB)]

Commission Monster, Australia's leading affiliate and performance marketing network program, part of the group, is now headed by high-profile industry pioneer Shane Murray. Previously voted by BT advertising, marketing, and media magazine as the "3rd most influential person in the e-marketing arena" in Australia, Murray is well respected in the industry as one of the pioneers of the online advertising market.

Viva9 group includes Australia's leading affiliate network,, network loyalty program and amongst others.