Sunday, June 11, 2006

Internet Home Business And EQ Competency

Internet Home Business is not something new nowadays.. most work-at-home moms practise it, students in college utilise it for extra income, it keeps retirees busy and some working people use it as a part-time income source.

Few people have also made it a full time occupation and, have succeeded as well..

I am also in this jig, and reckon one of the things you ought to know before starting a home business is how to avoid the setbacks

One of the important things after you have identified your home based Internet business, is that you have to sit down and analyze certain factors, i.e., your skills, the areas you are good at etc.,

Few of the important factors required prior to starting on a home-based business venture are mentioned below.

This is something most of us overlook - I used to, and still am a mess when it comes to organising and time management. This is mainly because of the lack of discipline that slowly filters into home businesses. No wonder they call it working in your pajamas !

So it would help if you initially do a bit of time management and eliminate some of the things that aren't important to you. In short, readjust your priorities. What's eating up your time that you could eliminate or if possible, delegate to someone else?

Work on your resilience, an important factor.. which is widely recognised as EQ or Emotional Quotient competency. This pertains to being able to bounce back from failures, loss, rejections and adversity. It will keep you from slowing down and wasting precious energy when you hit an obstacle or challenge.

The EQ competency will help you maintain a sense of balance. Try not to be a perfectionist; as if you constantly dwell on the things that don't go exactly as planned, you'll get into a negative mindset. Working to stay positive and congratulating yourself occasionally is extremely necessary.

Focus on what goes right and not what goes wrong -We normally overlook the many things that went well during a given day, and give importance to that one thing that went wrong. So just switch this around and pass it on and you will feel more relaxed.

Every time somebody tells you something that didn't go well, counter with something that went well. This will help you build your self-esteem and resilience, and will positively affect those around you.

Find a way to combine self-nurturing and support with a great home business that would enable you to achieve that financial flexibility.

Surround yourself with as many positive situations as you can. If someone's really negative, that it's best to stay away from him or her.

Even while shopping, try finding a store where the clerks are smiling and helpful. There are many. Find the office supply store where they're really glad to have your business, and pay attention to you when you're shopping.

Most of the successful Internet businesses ventures have faced tremendous setbacks
and they have comeback only stronger. So don't give up... the initial stages are a bit hard.. Wishing you the best in your home business.


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